Production options

Mechanical products and steel structures:

Transporta Czech republic
Production options:
width 5.000 mm
height 6.000 mm
length 25.000 mm
more To suit specific requirements
Maximum crane lifting capacity 2 x 20.000 kg
Total 35.500 m²
Production premises 30.100 m²
Outdoor storage premises 3.500 m²
Systems for preparing design documentation:
CAD (Autocad LT)
GIBBS CAM (Pro/Enginner, Autodesk Inventor, Catia, Solid Works, Solid CAD)

18 with a lifting capacity of 10.000 kg
6 with a lifting capacity of 20.000 kg
Height of crane track 9.500 mm / 14.000 mm
Gate dimensions 6.000 mm x 5.000 mm
Maximum part weight 25.000 kg (45.000 kg on 2 cranes)
Transport accessibility road, rail