Dividing and forming material

Transporta Czech republic

Preparation and division of input material:

The input material is blasted and unwanted blemishes removed from the surface in a continuous blasting process at cleanliness class SA 2, max. width of input material 2,000 mm, height 900 mm, length 15,000 mm, min. metal thickness 4 mm.

Material can be divided by cutting and mortising to various shapes using technology for cutting sheet metal on guillotine and hydraulic shears to a thickness of 12 mm with a max. width of 3,000 mm. Division of profile material using combined shears, timber up to 20 mm in diameter, L profile measuring 100/100/8 mm. Division using circular saws max. 240×240 mm, diameter 300 mm, profile up to 1,500 mm, bevel cut on one side up to 45°. Flame-cutting material on ESAB CNC machines is particularly suitable for thicker materials (predominantly made from steel), thickness 3-200 mm, sheet dimensions 2,000 × 6,000 mm, max. burnout dimensions 4,000 × 12,000 mm.


Forming sheet metal:

Roll-bending sheet metal by forming material using bending rollers up to a max. thickness of 25 mm (depending on width), max. width of sheet 3,000 mm, min. bend radius 160 mm with a max. wall thickness of 15 mm, max. bend radius 5.00 mm.


Sheet-metal bending on press brakes.

Forming material to various bend angles, max. bend length 6,00 mm (depending on thickness), max. metal thickness 25 mm, max. force 3.000 kN. This workplace is also equipped with a CDN 400 straightening press which uses pressure to remove any unwanted deformities in the material (caused during handling or production), produced by the Czech manufacturer ŽĎAS from Žďár nad Sázavou. The dimensions of straightening plates are 2,500×6,000 mm with a press lift of 900 mm.

We have a cylindrical sheet-metal straightener for metal sheets up to 20 mm thick and 2,000 mm wide. Forming material using cylinders with BO 321 Herkules profile benders for I and U profiles up to 180 mm at the web, pipes to a radius of 1,000 mm.

Pressure-forming material on LF 100/560 friction presses with a maximum nominal force of 2,000 kN, max. table size 1,000 × 800 mm, max. lift 30–40 mm.